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[It's never simple with the Malnosso. Never. You give, they take, it's common knowledge around these parts now. Expecting anything less is just asking for trouble. Perhaps that's why Dist happened to return from his mission in the midst of an experiment. Or maybe his luck really is as poor as he complains about. Take your pick.

Regardless, instead of a man casually returning to the village, a young and very nervous young boy is stuck wandering around the square. He...knows this place. He remembers it. The name isn't ringing any bells right away, but Saphir knows he's been here before, long ago. And he also remembers two very important things about his sudden surroundings:

The Professor is here, and there should be a book - a book he can talk into.

In no time, Saphir locates his journal and hesitantly opens it up. He fiddles with it and - due to his skill with mechanics - figures out how to turn on the audio as well as make a filter. He doesn't understand, though, when the filter breaks, and just talks regularly into the strange and fascinating little book.]

P-Professor? ...Professor Nebilim, are you here? I-I think...I'm lost...a-again. [He ducks his head, somewhat ashamed, and on the verge of a meltdown.] Can you come get me? I'm...I-I see the fountain. I can wait there. P-Please hurry...

[There's a lot of really weird stuff wandering around right now. Halp. ;A;]

[OOC: So Dist here is now chibified! Replies will come from [personal profile] minifontaku!]
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[Backdated to Christmas Eve]

[Action for House One]

[Dist had never put much stock into that gift-giving holiday, really. It was nice, yes, but he honestly never celebrated much of any holiday, even back home on Auldrant. Perhaps that's mainly due to never having anyone to celebrate them with, or that his research always kept him busy, but this time around, he does have people to celebrate it with, or at least people he'd like to give gifts to. ...If only it were so easy, though. Being socially inept, Dist is at a loss for what to get even his closest friend. He opts to get her last, hoping the method "save the best for last" will help him get her a fitting gift.

So, It's Ion' gift he delivers first, on the night of Christmas Eve, a few good books he'd thought Ion would enjoy reading, with a small list of good novels that Dist recommended, many of the books being from the "Sherlock Holmes" series. He recalled how fascinated Ion was that one time he read to the boy. That should do, right? A simple gift, but it'd be one Ion would hopefully appreciate and enjoy.

For Tear...a recording is left in his journal under a private filer to her alone. It's the piano version of the Grand Fonic Hymn. He's heard her sing it enough in Auldrant and even in Luceti to... somewhat memorize it, and added in his own piece. A written note accompanies the recording:

"This is the best I could do, without contacting you directly for assistance. I hope it will suffice."

Anise...Anise is perhaps the most difficult one. In only that he had to sneak into her room, somehow manage to pry her doll away from her (it was not easy), and fix up the mechanics, upgrade some of the hardware to the best of his abilities, and he even washed the raggedy thing for her. As much a monster as Anise is, she was the first person to contact him at the Order, and from the time she was here before...hmph. This is more than what she deserves.

Tokunaga will be placed back on her nightstand, looking so handsome dapper and soft and clean and fluffy, and with a rose in his plush arms. BE GRATEFUL.

Jade. ...A bottle of scotch. That's it. BE EXTREMELY GRATEFUL.

For Gelda, he...actually has a gift more for the school grounds. It's something he's been fooling around with building on and off ever since the snow started coming down in boat loads. They were two little, relatively light weight, snow catapults that the children in Keterburg used to play with. He makes a filtered audio to her, just to get permission to place them sometime.]

[Private to Gelda | Voice]

Professor Nebilim? I'd like to have a word with you, if possible.

[And once he's finished with that conversation, and whatever follows, Dist head into town to get Nephry's gift. She'll be getting a large bouquet of roses as well at a new coat. He also debates on some jewelry, but decides against it, or to wait til after their new years party.

Anyone's free to catch him around the town, but getting a conversation with him is going to be difficult. He'll opt for snubbing off any and everyone who isn't getting a present, or giving them the cold shoulder until they get the message and bugger off. He's on a mission today, after all.]

[OOC: Heading off to work soon. If I don't get back to you, I will tonight! /o/]
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[This morning will find Dist wandering about Luceti. Ion is bedridden, Tear thinks she's his daughter again, and one is not the place Dist wants to be right now. He's never been a socialite ever, and dealing with people and awkward situations like this just wasn't something he was used to. So he'll just be wandering about the town, heading toward the library first and foremost.

He wants to clear his head, and the best way to do that is to fill it with vast amounts of knowledge from books. That's how Dist escaped the confines and struggles of normal life so many times before. That, and work. Which he will do later in the day. After his time at the library, Dist goes to the smithy to just do something, anything to occupy himself. Perhaps he'll work on the unfinished automail parts Winry gifted him with one time. Those always interested him, and were challenging to work with. Yes, surely those would keep his mind busy for quite some time. Away from...other things.

Finally, if he has any time left, Dist will go to the battle dome to practice with his gun. He's not a marvelous shot - hence the practicing - but he is getting somewhat better. Plus, it gives him a good excuse to shoot at Third Part simulations. He takes a sick pleasure in managing to get one between the eyes, or blasting off a valuable part of their wing structure - bone and all.

Dist also gets a bit of research done at the battle dome as well, both on hyperresonance and some fonology work. That doesn't take too long, maybe an hour or two at best, but he's just trying to kill as much time as possible with mundane tasks.

Finally, he'll return home at a much later hour. Dist's praying no one's around or awake to chat him up. He's tired and just...doesn't want to talk. He really, really doesn't.]

[OOC: Going to work in a half hour-ish, so tags will come when I get back! And just to reiterate, Dist can be found around the village as well as at the places mentioned here. He's going to those places in chronological order, so yeah. :|b Just letting that be known for timeline purposes.]
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[Fabulous, just fabulous. Dist had been wanting to practice the piano, especially one particular song, but the place where he practiced would be closed down. Truly wonderful, oh yes. But Dist has never been one to give up easily, and though he'd have loved to create his own piano to have in his home, that just wasn't possible. He didn't have that level of skill or knowledge under his belt just yet, so...time to ask the village. Yay.

Ugh, how degrading. Dist hated asking for help. ...But still, if he ended up with a good piano he could use to practice, then it would be worth it. Even genuises needed a bit of assistance sometimes, after all. He'd just have to keep repeating that. Plus, Dist had something he wanted to try and actually compose, as well.

We'll see how well that turns out. For now, Dist needs a piano first and foremost.]

Now, I know how obnoxiously helpful some of you are, so I have a request of the more giving batch.

If there happens to be anyone with a working and properly tuned piano in Luceti somewhere...I'd like to ask permission to use it for a few hours. It so happens the one I was using prior will no longer be available to me for some time. A few days, at best. [How annoying.] It'd be better for me if I didn't have to invade anyone's home, really, so if there does happen to be another piano available for everyone's use, I'd like to know its location. ...If you would all be so very kind, of course.

[Bleh, that left a bad taste in his mouth, but there was no way in hell Dist would ask for a piano for those worthless impostors that call themselves scientists. Not after the draft, and especially not after taking Nephry away. He doesn't want or need their help.]
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[Cut for TL;DR Dream )

It was the flash of light, the searing hot pain in his chest, that woke Dist up. He gasped quietly and stared up at the ceiling of his room. His breathing came in short, shallow pants, and Dist rolled over his bed to see if he had woken Nephry. He honestly hoped not. If there was one thing he didn't want to explain, it was this. Sighing, Dist pressed a kiss to his sleeping wife's hair, then quietly got out of bed and put on a clean shirt. The one he had on before was soaked with sweat. Dist opted to leave it half buttoned as he wandered to the kitchen a moment later, robotically.

Something...anything to calm his nerves. Coffee, tea, alcohol, water, medicine, anything. Upon getting to the kitchen, however, Dist just fell into one of the chairs and held his head in his hands. It was far too early for this.]
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Disgusting, worthless little--!

[Finally. Finally he's able to show his face to the public again. After scrubbing his hair furiously with a towel to get the last of the horrendous green coloring out, Dist can finally make an announcement over the journals again. And what an announcement it will be. Pranksters, you are being personally threatened, brace yourselves.]

Whoever thought such an act of personal vandalism some time ago was funny, I promise you that if I ever find you, I'll torture you in ways you won't even begin to imagine! You'll be begging for death once I get my hands on you, whoever you may be! Though I do have one suspect... [JADE, MAN, IF YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE, HE WILL FIND YOU. You know he's had you bugged since grade-school.]

To do such a thing to my beautiful's unforgivable! I demand the culprit show themself to me this instant! I may show some mercy if you beg for it, though to break into my home and...and--RRGH!

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[It was a crash of thunder and lightning that first woke him up. It was also that crash of thunder and lightning that told Saphir that he was definitely not where he should be. It never rained in Keterburg, just snowed almost constantly. He'd never really experienced anything like a lightning storm before either, so needless to say he's very terrified by the booming sounds above, and the streaks of lightning as they flash overhead. Each one makes him jump, and choke out a loud gasp and cry.

Not only that, but he's horribly dressed for this weather and shivering pretty badly. Was this some kind of prank or something?! Peony was always pulling pranks on him, and making Jade do it, too! Jade would never do anything like this if Peony didn't instigate it in the first place. He was Saphir's best friend, after all! But still, Jade and Peony couldn't have taken him to some place other than Keterburg or, at the very least, the harbor. There was just no way, and the Professor would never allow it. Something was clearly not right about the place he now found himself in...

Thankfully, though now soggy and rather wet, there was an odd book of sorts next to him when he woke up. It even had his name on it, though the language was strange...different from the usual fonic language he knew, and even ancient Ispanian that the Professor taught in some of her lessons. Still, the book was some kind of fontech device, and the young boy clung desperately to it, as if it were his only lifeline as he puttered through the village plaza, huddling in a nook between some of the shops. He curled up there, shivering, scared, and confused.]

J-Jade... [He sniffled, a whine quickly dissolving into quiet sobs.] P-Professor? Where...where are you?! I-I don't know where I am! Peony, i-if this is a joke, i-it's not funny! I-I'll tell the Professor, I'll--! J-Jade...uuh...

[OOC: So basically, Dist is his tiny, cute, and snuffly kid self. He's just nine years old, quite a crybaby, but pretty decent compared to his older self. He'll probably be small for at most two weeks, probably. All tags will be from [ profile] minifontaku, as well. |Db]
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[It's early afternoon in house one. Dist's finished up most of his morning routine and work, and now he's just about finished browsing the network for anything worthwhile he should poke his nose into. However, most of the network goings-on have been the same thing, again and again and Dist's been getting fed up with hearing about peoples' feelings and relationships~

So, without knowing that his journal was recording (he must have accidentally activated it somehow), he scoffs at the pages and drops the book lazily. His chair scrapes against the floor and as footsteps are heard a moment after, then the turning of pages in another book.]

Hmph, if I have to listen to this drivel any longer, I may just set fire to this wretched book. Can't these people be a bit more private? Honestly, that's what filters are for! ...Though I suppose I shouldn't put much faith in these simpletons...

[OOC: First chronological tag goes to Nephry!]
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[Well, after a few days of putting up with the insanity of swapping bodies with his best friend, Dist has had just about enough. The mistaken identity was absolutely irritating now, and he's sick and tired of it. If these people want Jade, then fine. He'll gladly oblige their wishes for the old goat.

So, after throwing up a quick filter away from Nephry (who he's certain will disapprove of this) and looking over his shoulder to make sure Jade didn't burst out of his closet and choke him he opens his journal and makes a VERY MATURE voice post.]

Good evening, everyone. This is Colonel Jade Curtiss speaking to you all. I'd like to take this opportune moment to say that as well as being returned to Luceti for a brief stint, I am a bumbling idiot with absolutely no fashion sense what-so-ever. I eat out of a trough in Grand Chokmah, where I'm walked every morning, though I prefer to be carried as I'm too old and feeble to do much of anything, really.

My best friend is actually a man I'm sure you've all heard of - Dist the Rose! He's far better than me in every aspect and I only wish I could achieve half the things he has, but never will...

Alas, if only I wasn't born with the brain of a rappig. Oink.
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[As the journal's video clicks on - activated by being bumped from Dist's bookcase onto the floor - it shows most of the man's desk and workspace. ...To say the area looks like bomb went off may be a bit of an understatement as well as a half truth. Papers, notes, sketches, and various metal and electronic parts are skewed all over the large piece of furniture. The lamp was still on, and a pile of books were open, marked with numerous slips of paper, all of which also containing notes and scribbles. Ah, the workspace of a true genius.

Dist, meanwhile, was tugging books off his shelf, looking at the titles and flipping through pages. He mutters a few "yes" and "that could be useful"s here and there, absently pushing up his glasses. Dist then begins to walk back over toward his desk...

...before he very nearly trips over his own journal. So graceful, this rose.

Uttering a sharp curse, he glances down at the object angrily and blinks. Oh, that's where it went to. Picking up the journal, he finally makes it back to his desk and seats himself. He looks over something in a book before he speaks indirectly to his journal.]

Winry, I may need to borrow your workshop later, if you don't mind. I want to add a few finishing touches to something I've been working on, and begin preparations for another project.

Oh, yes...Guy? I'd like to speak with you about that, actually.

[And, just as he's about to ignore his journal until one of the two speaks up, Dist remembers something. He lifts his head from his work and turns toward the journal's camera.]

And before I forget once again...I spoke with someone about piano lessons some time ago. I'm uncertain if the one I spoke to is still here or has been returned, but if anyone else here in Luceti is gifted in that aspect, please contact me. I'd like to make time to learn.
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[Yeah, all you people outside? You are fucking nuts if you think Dist's going out there in that crowd. Besides, he's a bit, uh...preoccupied with his housemate and stuff. He'll be checking on Nephry first and foremost, given that she's not at the clinic - WHERE SHE SHOULD BE, MIND YOU B| - before heading to the kitchen to get a drink.

A strong drink. Yes, Dist needs the fucking alcohol right now. Though he came out of the draft virtually unscathed roach, but Nephry... Thank Yulia he had been given his fonbot to protect and transport her as quickly as he did. The only thing those halfbaked scientists did correctly. If anything had happened to her--!

He snarled, and slammed his glass down on the table angrily before searching the cabinets for any kind of alcohol. He knew he got some for himself a while ago, and Nephry wasn't a huge drinker, and then the should still be there.

Everyone, approach at your own risk, he's a bit agitated.]
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[Dist honestly hates this experiment. No, he should rephrase - he hates the Malnosso. With a deadly passion, oh yes. He had just been counting his lucky stars that he wasn't affected this time around, and was heading back from the clothing shop with some warmer clothing. A new suit, thicker trench coat, gloves, scarf, and boots he was now wearing. What, you think he'd wear his shoes back? Pfft--ha! As if.

Just as he was walking back home, Dist mused over the fact that a rather...peculiar song was chiming in the back of his head with a female voice and some very strange lyrics, some in a language he was familiar with. Huh, how odd. He was sure it was not a song he had ever heard in his entire life, but shrugged it off as a song he heard in passing, probably here in Luceti. It was just a song, right? Nothing more than that, surely.

Though he was unaware, others may notice the man's not exactly...walking down the street. In fact, he may as well be strutting. Or worse, sashaying.

Approach at your own risk.]
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[Good morning, Luceti! We see you've gotten a bit of an extreme, spooky makeover lately. Now, what's a kingdom of creepy crawlies without a proper king, hm~? The moment Dist steps outside to visit the library, he blinks in confusion, staring through dark lenses.]

Hm? [He removes the round, dark sunglasses, and yelps at what he sees.] Wh-What in blazes is this?! What happened to the town?! What--


[He's staring down, baffled, at his own new threads. He resembled a certain Pumpkin King complete with aforementioned dark, round sunglasses, white makeup with some black and grey around his eyes, and the "stitches" running up the sides of his mouth in black makeup.

Disty scurries back inside, hoping to high heaven the thing will disappear once he does, and raging when it doesn't. He rushes to the bathroom to wash off the makeup - a beautiful Rose shouldn't be dressed as anything less, obviously - and rages even more when it still doesn't come off.

When he storms back to his room, he's absolutely livid, throwing up his arms and doing what he does best, complaining.]

This is absolutely ridiculous!! How dare they dress me in such a fashion! Me, Dist the Rose! This is completely unacceptable!! I look like a--! Rrrgh!! WHY WON'T IT COME OFF?!

[OOC: I'm gonna be out for a bit tonight, so my tagging might be slow, then nonexistent come night time, but I'll get to you all eventually. Sorry. ;__;]
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[Dist had been out most of the day today, amazingly, despite the wind. He was used to colder weather, and his coat kept him farly insulated against the crisp breeze. Of course, this was still a problem as the man was looking over a detailed blueprint he just finished moments ago, holding the pages down so the paper wouldn't blow away. That's the last thing he needed, to chase after an important piece of paper.

He was outside in the plaza, sitting on a bench and reading over his notes and the blueprint as well as he could before returning home. He glanced down at the topic of study he placed beside him, the air filtration unit Guy had gifted him with for...some reason or another. He was still unsure of just why he'd been given it, though he wasn't complaining. The fonmachine had proved to be quite well made, though he made a few notes to possibly improve the functionality and lessen energy consumption. Little things.

Of course, being the intellectual he was, Dist usually got rather absorbed in his work. As he read over his calculations and blueprints on the plaza bench, he didn't notice some kind of large, metallic reptile tromping up behind him. The world outside him was disregarded for his work.

That is, until the creature leaned over his shoulder and sniffed at the fonmachine by his side. With a loud yelp, knocking over his papers and journal (the latter of which fell open and face down on the pavement), Dist jumped up and off the bench, staring fearfully at the monstrous creature.]

Wh-What in the name of--?! You...don't you come any closer!

[A pause, before a loud cry of "Aggron!" was heard over Dist's open journal then a sickening crunch. And a horrified and enraged yell.]

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[Filtered to Guy 80%] )

[Dist doesn't wait for an immediate answer. She shuts her journal once she's done, sighs, and tucks it away as she decides it's high time to pay the library a good visit. She'd been neglecting gathering some research information, and had a few things she wanted to study. She takes a look as the dark, cloudy sky, and takes an umbrella just in case it does end up raining.

So, anyone outside will see a white-haired, glasses-wearing woman making her way to the library. She's just in a comfortable looking black blouse and skirt, and her hair is pinned back to one side with a rose clip. She's deep in thought over various things, even when she finally arrives at the library, so feel free to notice or bump into her. Literally.

Just don't expect to be well received if the latter does occur. Dist is still Dist through and through.]

[OOC: Have another genderbender! Everything is basically still the same in canon, and Dist remembers his CR and memories in Luceti and outside. He just remembers himself being female throughout everything since I couldn't help myself. HAVE FUN WITH THAT.]
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[The journal's audio function clicks on to the sound of high pitched squealing, what sounds like hoofs rushing down a corridor, another set of human footfalls right behind, and a very irate and loud yelling.]


Peony! Peony, you stinking imbecile, keep your filthy little beasts out of my--

[The yelling stops abruptly as Dist hovers in the doorway of the now abandoned room, his journal being the only item to litter the bland, unnaturally clean floor. The sound of faint squealing under the bed from the "rappig" Dist had been chasing is the only sound for a few moments before very slow, drawn out footsteps approach the journal, and the piggy silences itself for fear of being found.]

You...! You witless freeloader... H-How dare you--! You couldn't wait until she got back?! Y-You heartless, dim witted--[Dist snatches up his journal and spits out angrily, not caring at all who hears, who responds. He's just too upset right now.] Emperor Peony IX of Malkuth has returned to Auldrant.

[And after that, he slams his journal shut and drops heavily onto the bed, glaring at the opposite wall, feeling a mixture of emotions and memories churning like an angry storm in his mind. He'll answer responses in a few hours, once he's calmed down.

So, just he, Nephry, and the Professor remained of those he shared his childhood with. People left, yes, but...somehow Dist had been hoping no one he knew would leave, especially those he was closest to. It was painful. Perhaps even more so, since Dist had to endure it once before. Even if it was Peony, the one he liked the least of anyone else, was odd, and painful, to know he was gone. And this odd feeling only posed to frustrate Dist more.

He leaned forward, holding his head in his hands and growling at the throbbing headache that was threatening to come, not even finding the energy to kick the little pig that had curiously begun nosing his leg.]
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[The day finds Dist outside House One in the shade, back leaned up against one side of the house. He's without his usual collared coat, and the red undershirt he wore had its sleeves rolled up as well. Scattered around Dist's feet are about a dozen small, simple toys that he created. Much of them were just little wind-up dolls made to look like fonbots and even a cheagle or two. There were others, however, that were a little more detailed - much like a miniature model of his Kaiser Dist that actually flew for a few seconds when wound up and released, and an ornate music box that opened up like a blossoming flower, and played a gentle melody.

Dist had suddenly just gotten the urge to pick up loose metals and gears at the shops while out, and came back home to immediately start working. He had wanted to try and recreate his beautiful assault mechs or his flying chair, but that was out of the question with the lack of proper materials, and fonons, here in Luceti. Right now, he was finishing up a little wind-up rappig that walked and twitched its nose. Putting it amongst the others, Dist wipes his face with the back of his hand and picks up his journal.]

Ah, w-would anyone like a small, simple toy? I've had a sudden...urge to build things, and this is all I can manage with the limited technology available here. Obviously, a grown man like myself has no use for child's toys, so if you want one, speak up or arrive to House One immediately. I won't wait all day in this atrocious heat.

...I can custom make something if I think you deserve it as well. I'm not running a charity for unruly urchins!


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