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Twenty Rose Petals Fall - [Voice]

[It's never simple with the Malnosso. Never. You give, they take, it's common knowledge around these parts now. Expecting anything less is just asking for trouble. Perhaps that's why Dist happened to return from his mission in the midst of an experiment. Or maybe his luck really is as poor as he complains about. Take your pick.

Regardless, instead of a man casually returning to the village, a young and very nervous young boy is stuck wandering around the square. He...knows this place. He remembers it. The name isn't ringing any bells right away, but Saphir knows he's been here before, long ago. And he also remembers two very important things about his sudden surroundings:

The Professor is here, and there should be a book - a book he can talk into.

In no time, Saphir locates his journal and hesitantly opens it up. He fiddles with it and - due to his skill with mechanics - figures out how to turn on the audio as well as make a filter. He doesn't understand, though, when the filter breaks, and just talks regularly into the strange and fascinating little book.]

P-Professor? ...Professor Nebilim, are you here? I-I think...I'm lost...a-again. [He ducks his head, somewhat ashamed, and on the verge of a meltdown.] Can you come get me? I'm...I-I see the fountain. I can wait there. P-Please hurry...

[There's a lot of really weird stuff wandering around right now. Halp. ;A;]

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[It isn't easy getting into buildings when you don't have any arms to turn doorknobs with. For the moment Ginji has given up with windows (you don't want to know) and has settled for flapping around outside. It's not so bad being stuck as a bird. At least he can fly!]

[He's been swinging around back and forth across the square, trying to get the hang of his wings when he spots a boy that may look the teeniest bit familiar. Curious, Ginji will swoop down and land roughly on the ground a few feet away, recovering with a hop-hop-hop and a flick of his tail. Okay, so he's had better landings...]

[The kid seems pretty upset, and he doubts the whole talking bird thing is going to help much, so instead he tilts his head and gives a short wheedling cry. You look down. What happened?]
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[Dear Lorelei, that bird is terribly uncoordinated.

Saphir stares at it after it plops down near him, and he jumps back a bit, startled by the sudden, well...thump. What just happened? Was it hurt? Ah, it didn't look it, what with its hopping and tweeting and stuff, but wow. Saphir's never seen a bird so unafraid of humans before, and definitely not one that looked like this one - so vibrantly colored.

Carefully, he holds out one hand, leaning a bit closer like any curious child would.]

H-Hello... Did you fall from somewhere? [He gives the area a quick sweep with his eyes, not seeing much in the ways of nesting areas.] If you're hurt, I can have the Professor fix it. Just...j-just don't bite me...
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[Dear Lorelei, that poor kid must be afraid of his own shadow.]

[Which seals the deal for Ginji. He's going to try to keep his mouth--beak shut and not scare him further. The kid must be disoriented from everything that's been going on recently; it can get kind of scary when the Malnosso are involved, after all.]

[Ginji's not sure whether to answer or not. Birds typically don't do things like that as far as he knows, but a question's still a question. He does his best to shake his head "no", but it's more of a sideways swaying of his whole body. He still hasn't figured himself out yet beyond wings and beak and tail. Ginji hops a little closer, stopping short of Saphir's hand, and tilts his head at him. No biting.]
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[Well, it's not biting him, and the little thing seems really friendly, and kind of tame as well. Saphir smiles at the little birdy and pets its head with a few fingers. Unfortunately, he didn't really process the little body bobbing as more than what it looked like so he just assumes the tiny winged creature is just an ordinary bird. Someone's pet, maybe? Perhaps it got loose...]

You're really nice. [And very pretty, though he won't admit out loud. He will, however, admit this--] You look like a Malkuth soldier, too, but you're a whole lot nicer than they are. Do you belong to someone? If I find the Professor, I can try finding your owner, too. Or bring you back to your nest...
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[Ginji doesn't seem to mind the attention. Between Grandfather and the others, and Noir's teasing, he's fairly used to having his personal space invaded. He attempts to shake his head "no" once again with limited success. But wait a minute. He said a Malkuth soldier, so this person must be...]

[Well, it's not like there are too many people from Auldrant around with that hair color. Process of elimination is a pretty handy tool, so within a few, Ginji comes to the conclusion that this kid is actually Dist.]

[Flicking his tail, Ginji tries to think of some way to get his point across. Finally he fluffs his wings a little (don't they look like coat sleeves? okay no, not really...) and attempts to walk forward, one foot in front of the other, like a human would.]

[Wheedle-wheedle cheep. Do you understand?]
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[Smart bird you are, Blueji.

Saphir blinks at the...rather odd little display - just what was that, anyway? - and leans a little closer. He's still young, so he doesn't really understand what this bird is trying to do or tell him, though he does note that it is indeed a lot different than most birds. It's almost like it understands, and like it is trying to tell him something.

B-But that just--no. No, that can't be right. It's just a little bird! Maybe someone trained it to do tricks or something!]

...You're pretty funny. [But still, the feeling is unshakable.] It's like you can understand me or something! You must be a pretty smart bird.
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[Ginji tilts one beady eye up at him and bobs up and down, trying to nod his head emphatically. Yes, you're on the right track! He can actually understand you!]

[He still gets the feeling that he'd scare the pants off this kid version of Dist if he suddenly spoke up, though - even if the guy's a self-proclaimed genius. After a moment of "nodding", though, Ginji decides to take a risk and darts up into the air to attempt a precarious landing on Saphir's shoulder. And tries nodding again. He can't get much clearer than this without acting the part of some talking bluejay spirit animal, you know. Swift nod-nod-nod.]
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[WHOA, SUDDEN ASSAULT--only not really. But having a bird fly right at you is still a bit surprising. Saphir squeaks and shuts his eyes tight, but opens them when he feels just a simple little weight on his shoulder. Wow, this really was a smart bird. It must be someone's pet or something. If only he knew whose...

Hm, maybe he can find out once he gets into contact with the Professor, or someone, the bird nodding? It looked almost like it was. Kind of...]

You can? ...You can understand me?
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[Finally, progress!]

[The bird makes a repeated nodding motion again, more enthusiastic then before and accompanied by that insistent wheedle-wheedle cry. Believe it! He can totally gets you. Though...convincing Dist he's capable of understanding human speech is the easy part. And that's only the beginning. Ginji isn't too sure where to go from there, although getting this kid somewhere safe would probably be a good start. Though, if it happens to involve food or something, he's definitely not complaining.]
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[W-Wow...a bird that can actually understand human speech, and--is it nodding, too? That's amazing! Saphir knew there were species of monsters said to be smart enough to understand human speech, but Saphir didn't expect an ordinary bird to be able to pull off such a feat. It's really, really cool.]

Wow, what an amazing bird you are! Do you think you can help me find the Professor? Professor Nebilim, if you know her. I think she must be really busy, since she didn't talk back through the book. But if you fly around, I bet you could find here in no time! Um...I mean, I'd be really happy if you did.
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[If he'd been human, Ginji wouldn't just shrugged off the praise, but as he's a bird, shrugging is a little beyond his ability. The next bit is tricky, too. The name sounds vaguely familiar, but Ginji doesn't know any Professor Nebilim, and he's not sure at all where she can be found. But maybe someone like Nephry would know? After all, she knows Dist fairly well, right? Better than he does, at least.]

[So...what to do... Hmn. Ginji tilts his head to the side, feathers ruffling in thought. Well, the best bet would be to lead him back to his house. Ginji chirps twice before lifting into the air and flying over to a nearby wall in the general direction of the house. And there he'll bob, and chirp twice again. This way. Over here!]
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[This time, Saphir understands the little bird's intentions perfectly. With a wide, happy, and somewhat awe-struck grin, he follows after the colorful creature with a light spring in his step. Scooping up his journal in the process, the boy tucks it under one arm and keeps his eyes on his new little friend. What luck to have found such an amazing animal like this!

Oh, how Saphir wishes this creature didn't have any owner or family to return to...he really wanted to keep it as a pet of sorts, it was so neat! Mm...though he can't help but think that if Jade were here, he'd just do something really bad to it.]

D-Don't fly too fast!
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[Ginji finds it difficult to fly slowly like this. The bird instincts are telling him to kick it into high gear - and it's not as if he's against the idea. Having been unable to get more than a few feet off the ground up until now, the sensation of being able to simply flap and go - though taxing on his limbs - leaves him feeling euphoric. But he'll try not to speed. Try. He'll double back and perform go-arounds if he has to.]

[So despite the occasional wild manuever that the average bird probably shouldn't be attempting, he's staying pretty much on course for the Abyss house. And he'll land every now and then to make sure he hasn't lost Dist along the way. He's sort of like a passenger, after all.]